Why wear someone else's name Wear your own!

About Us

Peggy Jenkins is a very successful business-woman. Sewing has allowed her to develop her creative niche and love for monogramming. In December 1990, Peggy’s Monogramming & Embroidery was established. She began to transform her home into a successful monogramming business, that she prides herself with going above and beyond for her customers. In 2003, she moved to the next level of her career by turning a piece of her rental property in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio, into a storefront business in order to be more visual to the public. Plus, she began designing banners, signs, Christian T-shirts,corporate logos, corporate apparel, car magnets and much, much more.

After 20 years in business, Peggy has done work for the State of Ohio, Ink Well, New Albany Police Department, local churches, little league organizations, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and many other customers.

Her motto is, “Why wear someone else’s name… Wear your own”. Peggy’s Monogramming and Embroidery can supply all of your monogramming and embroidery needs. There is nothing like giving a gift that was personalized in love.